All about Scapa

Scapa single malts can be found in 12, 14 and 16 year ages, the 16 year being most common following a re-launch of the brand in the early 2000's. Scapa is surprisingly approachable for an island malt. Silky and full-bodied, marmalade and honeyed oak dance with a light, weaving smoke to create a delightful play of feeling and flavor.

All about Scapa distillery

The fierce environment of the Orkney's, are home to the Scapa distillery. Located on the mainland near the town of Kirkwall, only one distillery in Scotland is farther north.

Scapa distillery was founded in 1885, by John Townsend of Macfarlane & Townsend. After voluntary liquidation in 1934, production resumed in 1936, when the Bloch Brothers assumed responsibility for the workings. Hiram Walker took over Scapa in 1954.

It was mothballed briefly in the 90s, but with staff on loan from Highland Park a few months out of the year, production resumed in 1997. Refurbishments took place in 2005, just prior to the sale of Scapa to Chivas Brothers, now Pernod.

Scapa can produce roughly 1 million liters of Whisky each year, drawing water from the nearby Lingo burn to run its two stills. Scapa had its own malting floor until 1966, but now imports peated malts from mainland Scotland.

Scapa's warehouses stand at the edge of the sea, its collection of exclusively ex-Bourbon casks weathering the maritime climate as they age.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Islands
  • Address: Kirkwall KW15 1SE, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1856 873269
  • Website: