All about Siegfried

Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin is a classic style Gin made in small batches in the Rhine valley in Germany. Siegfried Gin features 18 botanicals including flowers from the lindon tree, bitter orange, thyme, juniper, cardamom and angelica root.

Siegfried, according to Norse mythology, slew a dragon and bathed in its blood, which rendered him immortal, except for the spot on his back where a leaf from the lindon tree had fallen onto his skin. The lindon leaf was a complete game changer for Siegfried, just as it is in this floral, complex Gin.

All about Siegfried distillery

Rheinland Distillers is a Spirits manufacturer in Bonn Germany. The distillery was founded in 2014 by Gerald Koenen & Raphael Vollmar, two entrepreneurs who themselves do not come from the Spirits business, but share an unparalleled passion for it.

Vollmar is managing director of Vollmar&Sons - a company specializing in luxury goods in the Bonn city center. Gerald Koenen works as a consultant for Internet start-ups, as well as a managing director. Both share the love of hand-made, regional products with character - and a weakness for high-quality Spirit.

A year after its founding, their highly acclaimed distillery took the prize for "Germany Gin Distillery of the Year,” at the New York International Spirits Competition in 2015, and is home to their award winning Siegfried Rhineland Dry Gin.

Launched in 2015, the German Gin received countless accolades all over the world within just one year of its release, starting with the honor of being awarded Best Gin at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Shortly after that distinction, the Gin was awarded a Double Gold in Copenhagen at the World Spirits Awards, and received the highest score ever to be reached by a German Gin. The Gin also won a Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Siegfried’s Rheinland Dry Gin is a product from the Rhine Region. Siegfried uses the mythical linden blooms as their lead botanical, which is synonymous with the legend of Seifried. It's a classic Dry Gin, composed of 18 botanicals, with a defined subtle taste, and honest, authentic, regional character.

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