All about Spirit of Hven

Hven has two different single malt expressions. Megrez is a darker Whisky with leather, chocolate and coffee notes -thanks to the Sherry casks. Tycho's Star is known for its fruity character, with underlying smoky notes.

All about Spirit of Hven distillery

Located on the island of Hven on the Oresund strait between Sweden and Denmark, Hven is the third pot-still distillery in Sweden. Founded in 2008, by Henric and Anja Molin it is the smallest pot still distillery in the world. Also being a part of a 4 star hotel, Hven is a very important landmark in Sweden.

Described as “Taste & Scent with Sustainability”, Spirit of Hven produces a diverse range of oak matured distillates including Organic Vodka, Gin, Aquavit and Summer Spirit.

Master Distiller Henric Molin oversees the core of the distillery production: their world acclaimed single malt Whiskies. Their single malt Whisky was actually Sweden’s first ever island Whisky.

Handcrafted using only certified organic ingredients, and distilled in unique copper pot stills, the Whisky is matured in oak casks and bottled without additives or prior chill filtration. 

The distillery has a 2,000 liter wash still and a 1,500 liter Spirit still. Everything from distillation to the bottling is done on-site. Each bottle is individually numbered, approved and hand signed.

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