All about Springbank

Springbank's three labels are the eponymous Springbank and its brothers Longrow and Hazelburn, named for historic distilleries which once stood nearby. Springbank is lightly peated and heralded as an exemplar of the Campbeltown style. Hazelburn is Springbank's triple-distilled, unpeated malt and Longrow, by contrast, is heavily peated, and only distilled twice.

All about Springbank distillery

Located on the Southern Kintyre peninsula, Springbank is one of the last survivors of the once-proud Campbeltown single malt producers. Springbank stands near Campbeltown Loch, in the Southwest of Scotland, about three hours' drive from Glasgow.

The Springbank Distillery traces its roots back to 1828, when it was founded by the Reid family. Following financial hardship they sold the enterprise to John and William Mitchell.

The Mitchell family has overseen production through the present day, making Springbank one of the only family-run distilleries of such longstanding tenure in the world.

Springbank is noted for adhering to traditional practices. Careful attention to detail and a belief in old styles of work, complement the complex distillation regiment. This is what allows a relatively small operation to produce three very distinct lines of Whisky.

Long fermentation periods, low-gravities and high esters are characteristic of the fruity Springbank base, which is then distilled in three different ways, depending on the spirit being produced. Springbank employes a variety of woods for its maturation, including ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry, refill, wine and rum.

It's the only distillery in Scotland to malt, distill, mature and bottle on the same site, making it uniquely self-contained and consistent.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Campbeltown
  • Address: Springbank Distillery 85 Longrow Campbeltown Argyll PA28 6ET United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1586 552009
  • Website: