All about Strathmill

Almost always used in blends, Strathmill Whisky has found its way into promminent lables like Dunhill and J&B. The few independent bottlings that exist are often described as delicate, and elegant, expressing subtle fruits and butters.

All about Strathmill distillery

The Strathmill Distillery is located on the site of an old corn mill in Keith, Banffshire. A pastoral complex of low, classically styled buildings. Some of the structures actually predate the distillery, having been given new life when the production took over.

Strathmill Distillery was founded in 1891. The corn mill it was created from, was itself founded in 1823. Inspired by the booming trade of the late 19th century, the owners converted the works to carry out distillation, and never looked back.

Gin producers W. & A. Gilbey bought the distillery in 1895, giving it the name Strathmill. In 1962 they merged with United Wine Traders to form IDV, predecessors of Diageo. A second pair of stills were added to the facilities in 1968.

Strathmill has a production capacity exceeding 1.8 million liters of alcohol annually. The majority of the Whisky made at Strathmill is destined for blends, although there have been occasional independent bottlings, and at least one official release.

Worthy of note, is the addition of purifiers on the lyne arms and condensers of Strathmills stills, which are attributed with the distinctively delicate character of their final product.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Keith, Banffshire, AB55 5DQ, Scotland, UK
  • Phone: +44 1542 883000