All about Tanqueray

Tanqueray, arguably one of the most famous Gins in the world, started out in 1838, when Charles Tanqueray produced his first bottle. The recipe, which is a closely guarded secret, remains unchanged to this day – an incredible feat considering Charles was new to distilling Gin at the time.

While the recipe remains undisclosed, it is thought to contain juniper, coriander seed and angelica root. The lack of citrus created a very dry Gin, which interestingly, works amazingly in a Martini with a twist.

Today, Tanqueray is one of the top five selling Gins in the world. Distilled at the Cameronbridge distillery, they create over 2 million cases a year. It’s a classic, a very traditional Gin which is more than worthy of its success as a staple in most bars across the globe.

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