All about The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth, a German company, launched in 2006 producing solely cocktail bitters in assorted flavours. A range of Liqueurs soon followed, but more recently, The Bitter Truth launched its first Spirit; Pink Gin.

The brand is named after a mixed drink of the same name. Pink Gin is traditional a few dashes of Angostura Bitters into a neat measure of Gin, creating a light pink hue. It is said to have been drunk by sailors in the British Navy to cure seasickness.

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is made by adding a blend of bitters to a dry Gin. It is these bitters that give extra flavor and the light pink color. The base Gin which is used is kept a secret, as is the exact mix of bitters and botanicals, but the brand promises fresh spice flavors which work very well in a Martini.