All about Ungava

Ungava Gin takes its name from the region of Northern Canada where it is made, where the Tundra meets the seas. Using just six botanicals, all of which are hand-picked from the local region during the very fleeting summer season, Ungava is a bright yellow Gin which really stands out on a shelf.

Ungava is made with Nordic juniper, cloudberry, crowberry, Labrador tea, Arctic blend and rose hips, the latter of which gives the Gin its bright coloring.

You’ll notice that, juniper aside, there’s a lack of any traditional botanicals (no coriander seed, no orris root, no cardamom). Instead the distiller has captured a truly local flavor.

All about Ungava distillery

Domaine Pinnacle is a Canadian company based near Quebec. Known for its Ice Cider, the farmhouse and apple orchards where the distillery and brewery are based has been on the same site for more than 150 years.

More recently, the micro-distillery opened on site, producing Ungava Gin, Quartz Vodka, Chic Choc Spiced Rum and Canadian Shield Whisky.

Visitors to Domaine Pinnacle are invited to The Boutique; the distilleries tasting room, whereby they’ll learn about the history of all Domaine Pinnacle products (their most famed of which remains the Cider, but all the Spirits are on offer, too).

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