All about Xellent

Xellent is a Swiss Gin made with glacier water and edelweiss, a flower which grows in the Swiss mountains. Made from a rye based Spirit, Xellent Gin contains lavender and lemon balm, both of which are grown in the Master Distiller’s garden.

As well as juniper and edelweiss, the Gin also contains elderflowers and woodruff, but the remaining 20 botanicals and the exact recipe are kept secret. After distillation, the Spirit is left to rest for several months before being cut with pure glacier water to create a 40% ABV Vodka, which creates the basis for Xellent Gin.

The dried botanicals are added, and the liquid goes through a fourth distillation before being cut once more with the pH-neutral water and bottled.

All about Xellent distillery

Diwisa Distillerie was founded in 1918 by Hans Affentranger at the tender age of 20, where he produced Spirits, Liqueurs, and Syrups. Almost 100 years on, the Diwisa Distillerie remains a family-owned business, and today is run by the fourth generation of the family.

Diwisa combines traditional methods with state of the art machinery, and the distillery’s willingness to progress with the times has led to the huge brand portfolio it has today.

Diwisa produces and markets a large number of products, both traditional Swiss styles, and more modern brands. Diwisa Distillerie is responsible for flavored Vodkas, Rums, Whiskeys, herbal and sweet Liqueurs, Scotch Whiskies, Gins and more.

Distillery info

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Established: 1918
  • Address: Menznauerstrasse 23, 6130 Willisau, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 41 972 72 72
  • Website: