All about Compass Box

In 2000 Whisky visionary John Glaser started the Compass Box Whisky Company in London, England. This is a firm dedicated to blending boutique Scotch Whiskies and making Scotch more approachable and relevant to more people. They are game-changers, who have replaced heritage for boldness.

After being involved in the Wine industry, Glaser made a move to Diageo, where he found his way to the Whisky game. Compass Box is known to challenge the status quo, giving tradition the backseat in sole pursuit of the enjoyment of Whisky. Challenging the industry, Glaser has proven himself a true alchemist unfazed by the Whisky norm.

Situated in a seemingly incongruous London England, Compass Box is not a Scottish distiller but actually, a blender of Scottish Whiskies, combining the best casks from Islay, Speyside and the Highlands, and aging them in a smorgasbord of woods from sherry casks to toasted French oak.

Glaser pushed the boundaries of innovation to new heights with his art of “Whiskymaking” in 2005 using his aptitude for Wine-making to create a disruptive experimental sensation, The Spice Tree release.

This blended Whisky was made using inner staves, or wooden slats inserted into casks to enhance flavor. A common technique used by Wine-makers to add an oaky character.