All about Gold of Mauritius

Mauritius has miles of sugar cane fields. It has vanilla and pineapples and lychees. It had the dodo bird, its national symbol until that was hunted to extinction in the 17th century.

And it has Rum. In fact, Mauritius recently became one of the few places in the World to produce two types of Rum, both molasses, and Agricole.

Until 2006 there was a prohibition on the production of Agricole – Rum made from sugar cane juice – as the island was so heavily reliant on its sugar-refining industry. 

But with the lifting of that ban came a minor explosion of the product and Mauritius is now setting out its stall as a global provider of Rum. Among them is Gold of Mauritius Rum and the craft team behind it, led by Frederic Bestel.