All about Plantation Rum

West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) is located in Barbados and dates back to 1893.

As of March 2017, it has come into the ownership of Maison Ferrand (along with part shares in Monymusk Distillery and Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica).

The facility is set up for the bulk production of pot and column still Rums and currently supplies many major brands.

Until the acquisition, all the Rums that are featured in the Plantation Rum range were exclusively sourced from the Caribbean and other Rum producing countries around the world.

With the acquisition of The West Indies Rum Distillery, the company can produce Rums directly to its own specification.

All Rums are taken to the company aging cellars in the Cognac region of France where they undergo secondary or more maturation in casks of different wood types and casks that have been pre-seasoned with different Wines, Fortified Wines, and Spirits.

This dual maturation process imparts additional flavor profiles on the base Rum. The producers use maturation techniques that are apparently comparable to those used in the production of Cognac.

Also, for the majority of the releases, the Rums are presented in a sweetened style. This is a process they refer to as ‘dosage’.

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