All about Raritas

Raritas Juniper is a product of the Roner Distillery. In 1946, Gottfried Roner set up a tiny still in his family home in Italy to make Grappa. 80 years later they are producing a full range of Spirits, Grappas, and fruit Liqueurs.

The Raritas line of Spirits from Roner includes their fruit Liqueurs and Gins. Raritas Juniper was introduced in 2015. Raritas is not a neutral grain based Gin — the base Spirit is crafted from local Italian grapes.

This yields a lighter, smoother, Gin, and warmth without pepper heat. Aged for 3 months, the Gin features a natural light golden hue and gentle vanilla notes.

All about Raritas distillery

Roner is an Italian, family-run distillery located in the Bolzano province in the North of the country. Roner makes fruit Spirits, Grappa and other Liqueurs. It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner set up his first still in his family home.

Passionate about the local fruits, he began distilling fruit Liqueurs such as Juniper and Blueberry, which are still produced to this day. In the 1960s, Gottfried’s sons took over the business, expanding rapidly and opening a new distillery where it still stands today.

In 1990, the company bought a small Winery to add to its portfolio. The Roner philosophy is to preserve tradition, while working with new technologies and innovations to improve the quality of its spirits.

The Roner Distillery is the proud owner of a number of stills; the wide product range means that distillation is ‘always on’, but with different methods used for different products, and only the freshest fruit and botanicals are used.

Distillery info

  • Country: Italy
  • Established: 2015
  • Address: Roner SpA Distillerie, Via Josef-von-Zallinger 44, 39040 Termeno (BZ), Italy
  • Phone: +39 0471 864 000
  • Website: