All about Roots

Roots Liqueurs are handcrafted, inspired by age-old herbal remedies, it’s a family legacy of distilling dating back to 1850.

Roots Spirits are distilled from 100% natural, native ingredients of Greece.

Roots beverages are enjoyed in some of the best bars around the world and represent the new age of Liqueurs, based on an incredible heritage and traditional ingredients.

In 2013, brothers, Manos & Nikolas Smyrlakis, decided to go back to their roots inspired by the oldest distillery in Greece since 1850, founding Roots Spirits.

Their current lineup includes their: Roots Rakomelo, Roots Mastic, Roots Kanela, and Roots Diktamo, all distilled from indigenous greek herbs and ingredients.

The Hexagonal label represents the honey comb for Roots Rakomelo. The Rhombus represents a crystal from the mastiha resin which is used for Roots Mastic.

The Circle represents the oval shape at the bottom of a stick of cinnamon, for Roots Kanela. The Cross reveals the monastic 'herbal' character of Roots Diktamo.