All about Säntis

As a historical brewery, the Locher family possesses very old oak Beer barrels which have served for decades – and some for more than a century – to store Beer.

During their long service, these barrels have soaked up the aroma of Beer, along with the ancient sagas and memories which now enrich this spirit of Appenzeller Säntis Malt. The ancient beer barrels give the Whisky a very distinct flavor.

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All about Säntis distillery

The distillery is located in the village of Appenzell. It is owned by the Locher Family, who started distilling in 1886. Appenzeller Beer is still brewed by the same family.

In 1999, when distilling in Switzerland was just beginning to be permitted, Appenzell began producing Spirit. This was the birth of this distillery, transformed from a brewery.

The secret of the Whiskey is the ancient beer barrels. There are barrels aged from 70 to 140 years.

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